Shattuckite Bead

Shattuckite is a dark blue copper silicate found in oxide zones of major copper mines.

It is often found with other copper ores such as Chrysocolla and/or Malachite. Its growth is fibrous or granular, but it is found in crystals.

Shattuckite is named from where it was first found, i.e. the Shattuck mine, in Bisbee, Arizona. which was in turn named for Lemuel Shattuck, a Pennsylvania man who arrived in Bisbee, Arizona in 1888.  He founded the Shattuck Arizona Mining Company in 1904 and started the Shattuck Mine in August of that year.  Shattuckite was first found in the mine in 1915.  Lead, Gold, zinc, and silver also came from the mine.  Between 1906 and 1947, the Shattuck Mine produced more than 3 million tons of copper and lead-zinc ore.

Shattuckite, like most copper ores, is fairly soft, with a hardness of 3-5.

Until around 2003/2004, the Shattuckite Mine was the ONLY mine in the world producing this mineral. More recent finds are coming from the Congo area, South Africa. It has also been found in Argentina, Austria, Germany, Greece, Namibia, and Norway.

Metaphysical Properties of Shattuckite:

Shattuckite is known as the stone of truth. It is a soothing and calming stone for those who are highly judgmental, aggressive, or irresponsible.

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