Cherry Creek Jasper Unpolished Rock Stone Slab Red Creek #O4

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Cherry Creek Jasper Unpolished Stone Slab

Lovely Cherry Creek Jasper, the colorful jasper found in Mainland China also known as Red Creek Jasper or Picasso Jasper.

The unpolished lapidary cabbing rock slab is 4.6 inches by 4.3 inches and thick enough to cut matched pairs for earrings 14 mm or 1/2 inch thick.

This one does have surface flaws and cracks.

The unpolished stone slab weighs .84 lbs. and is shown wet in the first 2 pictures.

Jasper is a member of the Chalcedony family. Chalcedony (kal SED' nee) is any form of microcrystalline quartz, where the crystals are too small to be seen without high magnification. Jasper usually refers to an opaque stone, with a solid color or an irregular display of colors caused by various mineral impurities. The named is derived from the Greek word that means "spotted stone". Most Jaspers get their name from either their location or their appearance.

Metaphysical Properties: Jasper is said to have a stabilizing effect, and help one take all one's energy and use it in a balanced manner. Though different Jaspers may have specific powers, generally all Jaspers are good for relaxation and restoring energy. It is also said to be a stone that helps in all areas of survival, and is a very protective stone.